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Aircraft Design and Analysis Software - Aircraft design optimization from first concept through to final flight trials, slash development costs and fast-forward time to market.

The j2 Universal Tool-Kit enables aircraft engineers from all disciplines to work in a collaborative environment on a single modelling and simulation solution. All engineers work from a powerful collaborative core ensuring their analyses are based on consistent and complete data. This help to reduce mistakes and the need for rework. The j2 Tool-Kit can be used from project concept through flight test to completion without the need to write, modify and recompile code and scripts as the aircraft design develops. All models and analyses are fully configuration controlled enabling issue identification much sooner in the process and significantly reduces the time required for each iterative cycle. The powerful 'sandbox' environment allows trade studies and sensitivity studies to be performed in parallel to the core design and can track the project, providing a greater depth of knowledge at any point in the complete project lifecycle.


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