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  • For PERMAS is most advanced Finite Element Software Systems worldwide for physical models at highest possible performance, quality and reliability. Solutions for anisotropic materials like fibre-reinforced composites, statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid-structure acoustics, electrodynamics and optimization are available on many different hardware platforms.

  • PERMAS enables the engineer to perform comprehensive analyses & simulations in many fields of applications like Brake Squeal Analysis, Engine Analysis, Variant Analysis, Activity Controlled Systems, Rotating Systems, and Robust Optimum Design.

  • PERMAS reads and writes many data formats including MEDINA, CATIA, PATRAN, HYPERMESH, I-DEAS, ADAMS, DADS, SIMPACK, NASTRAN, MPCCI, MATLAB, ANSA, SimLab and VLAB Motion/Durability, VAO and Femfat….

  • Leading manufacturers trust the high quality and performance of PERMAS for their applications. The software plays an important role in the design cycle of automobiles, ships, aerospace structures and many more. For almost two decades the high reliability of PERMAS has been appreciated by many structural analysis departments.

  • PERMAS Functions includes:

  • Substructuring
  • Submodeling
  • Variant Analysis
  • Cyclic Symmetry
  • Surface & Line Description
  • Automated Coupling of Parts
  • Automated Spotweld Modeling
  • Kinematic Constraints
  • Handling of Singularities


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